Anna Shimizu
Born in Japnan
Based in Toronto

Traditional skills
Painting, Illustration, Life drawing

Digital skills
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD

Web design platform
Adobe Portfolio:

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The theme of my artwork is “childhood.” I want to be proud of my 12 year-old self who has always dreamt that I will be a great person. My passion always starts from her. My process begins with digging into my memories through drawing. Thoughts come first, then I start to think about how to actualize my art. Currently, I am working on paintings to overcome some memories by expressing them in artworks. 

Anna Shimizu is an emerging Japanese multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada, specializing in digital illustrations and paintings. After years of sales in Japan, she decided to change her focus to her passion in arts. She is learning visual and digital arts at Humber College. She has achieved 2nd prize for International Student Week Art Competition at Humber and participated in mural projects at Humane society. She will also be featured in Humber College’s Graduation Exhibition this spring as a final appearance in her school career. After graduation, she wants to pursue a career as a marketing designer, as well as creating artwork on the side.

DAWN: 2022 VADA Graduate Exhibition
April 4th-10th, 2022.

April 21,2022-

© Anna Shimizu
April, 2022
© AnnaShimizu
April, 2022